lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Guardian - Smashes: The Best of Guardian

Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Pais: United States of America (Los Angeles, California)

Año: 1999

David Bach - Bass
Jamie Rowe - Vocals
Karl Ney - Drums
Tony Palacios - Guitar


1.Dr. Johnes and the King of Rhytm05:10
2.Shoeshine Johhny04:17
3.The Way Back Home04:31
4.Endless Summer04:30
5.C'Mon Everyone04:59
6.This Old Man02:30
7.Lead the Way02:44
8.Lion's Den03:54
9.State of Mind03:04
10.Psychedelic Runaway03:25
11.Bottle Rocket03:44
12.Coffee Can03:44
13.Break Me Down03:42
14.This Old Man (T.R.s This Old Dance Mix)04:53
15.Bottle Rocket (CHR Remix)03:52
16.Babble On (acoustic remix)04:38
17.Queen Esther (mellow remix)03:47
18.Bottlerocket (dance remix)04:33

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