lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Guardian - First Watch

Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Pais: United States of America (Los Angeles, California)

Año: 1989

line up:
Paul Cawley – Vocals & Guitars
Tony Palacios – Guitars
David Bach – Bass
Rikk Hart – Drums
guest : Oz Fox - Guitars


1.I'll Never Leave You04:32
2.Mystery Man04:07
3.Livin' for the Promise04:08
5.Saints Battalion03:47
6.Kingdom of Rock03:25
7.Good Life04:41
8.One of a Kind03:37
9.World Without Love03:55
10.Rock in Victory03:49
12.Marching On*03:55

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At The End of the Day dijo...

Lo tengo ORIGINAL en Cd, Firmado por PALACIOS & BACH... aca en Buenos Aires... Yeahhh
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